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Averhealth specializes in providing substance use monitoring services tailored to the unique needs of forensic programs operating at the holistic intersection of behavioral health and justice. Random selection, daily engagement, robust sample collection, and following business day results help clients develop adaptive skills and reject event reuse. Streamline your daily workflow and ultimately enable recovery with Averhealth’s agile, easy-to-navigate automation software and tools.

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At Averhealth, our mission is to restore lives, unite families, and strengthen communities by developing and providing the most brilliant, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for managing and treating alcohol-related disorders. Today, Averhealth serves more than 520,000 customers in 30 states. Each element of the Averhealth solution incorporates evidence-based practices, placement programs, and clients for the best possible outcome.

On May 17, 2021, Averhealth, a provider of substance use management and treatment services tailored to the unique needs of courts and social services, with the support of Five Arrows Capital Partners, acquired Aspen, an assistance company physician based in Burlington, Vermont. Aspen specializes in substance use monitoring and patient care coordination services for physicians, treatment centers, and healthcare systems.

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“The acquisition of Aspen expands Averhealth’s baseline to include physicians, treatment centers, and healthcare systems. Aspen’s social mission to drive positive change, improve well-being and create a better world aligns perfectly with Averhealth’s mission to Reclaim Life, Unite Families and Strengthen Communities. This is perfect for us as we advance our goal of improving outcomes for patients with substance use disorders,” said Jason Herzog, CEO of Averhealth.

Guide To My Averhealth Login

My Averhealth company provides My Averhealth Login credentials for providers and patients. After signing up for My Averhealth on its website (, it provides its providers and patients with a username and password. The following steps for logging into My Averhealth are listed below:

  1. Visit the My Averhealth website (
  2. After that, look at the Login option on the right side of the website.
  3. The subheading of My Averhealth Login indicates two parts to My Averhealth Login: (1) for the provider and (2) for the patient.

             (1) For Providers: As a provider, enter your My Averhealth login username and password and click Login.

            (2) For the patient: 

      • There are two languages ​​for connection if you are a patient. One is in English, and the other is in Spanish. Choose one of two languages.
      • Then enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and your date of birth.
      • After that, the marker under “I’m not a robot” next to Are you human? And check. Click Get Scheduling Information.

      4. For both parties to register, click Login.

      5. Enter your username and password.

      6. Then enter your username and password and click “Login.” You have successfully logged in to the My Averhealth login portal.

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Requirements For My Averhealth Login

Here are the My Averhealth application requirements listed below:

  • Personal Computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Google, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer
  • Good internet connection
  • My Averhealth website (
  • Username and password
  • PIN (personal identification number)

How To Reset Your Username And Password?

We will provide a username and password to each account holder to log into My Averhealth in the future. Both credentials are necessary for your account security purposes. When logging in later to, some users will forget their username and password. So for this solution, we will discuss the steps to reset your My Averhealth login username and password. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the website (
  2. After opening the website, go to the login option.
  3. You will then see, “If you forgot your username or password, click here.” Click here on the hyperlink given in the word.
  4. After clicking the hyperlink here, you will need to enter your email address to reset both of your credentials.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. And check the box “I’m not a robot” and check it.
  7. Click on the Reset option. My Averhealth will provide a secure link after entering your email address and clicking on the reset option.
  8. Click on the offered safe link to successfully reset your password and username.

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Benefits Of MyAverhealth

At Averhealth, our team members support courageous men and women who have embarked on the path to recovery from substance use disorder. We know that recovery is not easy, and we take our commitment to rescue our patients very seriously. Every life saved from this disease is an investment in their families, communities, and future.

As a member of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, My Averhealth will become part of a fast-growing health care company whose mission is to help people stay sober for good. The benefits of membership in MyAverhealth include:

  • Fun, Engagement, and Support: MyAverhealth staff and managers are highly supportive and help their team members provide the best healthcare services to their patients and visitors. This helps maintain the company’s excellent reputation.
  • Inclusive and Responsive: Employees, Managers, HR, and directors are highly receptive and interactive regarding joy, fun, friendliness, and fulfilling assigned responsibilities on MyAverhealth.
  • Innovative: MyAverhealth is very exciting when it comes to new technological innovations. Technological changes in this company. Design your software to automate your daily workflow’s most time-consuming administrative tasks while supporting individualized, automated monitoring and treatment programs in easy-to-use, paperless software.
  • Relaxed and informal: Our team at Averhealth strives to restore lives, bring families together and strengthen communities by developing and delivering the most intelligent and innovative solutions for the management and treatment of substance use disorders.

MyAverhealth offers its employees the following personal benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • dental insurance
  • vision insurance
  • life insurance
  • inability
  • paid vacation
  • health savings accounts
  • vacation pay
  • Payment for community outreach
  • Bonus program for employee referrals
  • uniform compensation
Official NameMy Averhealth
Portal TypeLogin
CountryUnited States Of America
LanguagesEnglish & Espanol
Managed ByAvertest

Guide To Contact At My Averhealth Phone Number At My Averhealth Locations

Many users have questions about logging into My Averhealth, resetting username and password, insurance policies available on MyAverhealth, documentation, and the registration process at My Averhealth is here to provide the best solutions for our customers’ questions. Customers can contact us by phone, email, chat, or in-person with our team.

If you wish to contact my Averhealth phone number, you must complete a dynamic contact form available at On this website, click on the “Contact Us” option available in the About section of the My Averhealth website ( After clicking on the Contact option, you will see the dynamic contact form. In this contact form, fill in the identifiers requested, and the last step is to mark “I am not a robot.” And click “Send.” After submitting it, we will contact you at the My Averhealth phone number. We now provide My Averhealth location information along with your phone number. The lists are below:

1.)  National Headquarters

        2916 W. Marshall St., Suite A

        Richmond, Virginia (VA) 23230


         4709 LaGuardia Drive, STE 100

         St Louis, Missouri (MO) 63134

         Contact number: 866. 680. 3106

2.) Location: Oregon 

  Address: Columbia Community Mental Health

  58646 Mcnulty Way

  St. Helens, Oregon 97051

3.) Location: California

  • Anaheim

           Address: 3400 Ball Road Suite 201

                             Anaheim, CA 92804

           Phone: 636.487.0589

           Fax: 636.487.0589

           Working Days & Timings: Monday To Friday: 7 am to 7 pm

  • Fresno

           Address: 2113 Merced Street

                            Fresno, CA 93721

           Phone: 559.266.8029

           Fax: 559.266.8029

           Working Days & Timings: Monday To Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

  • King’s County

           Address: 1400 West Lacey Blvd Building 8

                               Hanford, CA 93230

4.) Location: Idaho

  • Boise

           Address: 8620 West Emerald Street STE 162

                             Boise, ID 83704

            Phone: 208.391.2019

            Fax: 208.391.2019

            Working Days & Timings: Monday To Friday: 10 am to 6 pm

  •  Coeur D’Alene

            Address: 500 N. Government Way STE 100

                                Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

            Phone: 208.416.2539

            Fax: 208.416.2539

            Working Days & Timings: Monday To Friday: 8 am to 4 pm

My Averhealth Check In Mobile App

In the current generation, all our employees worldwide have smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Many apps are available on your smartphone. With the birth of Android and Apple phones, many transactions, connections, purchases, sales, and requests are possible through your internet-connected smartphone.

Today we are talking about a health company called My Averhealth. Many people ask their questions. Can I log into My Averhealth online from a mobile device? The answer is yes; we can process your My Averhealth Check In record through our mobile app called Aversys Mobile App.

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Substance use disorder is one of the most severe epidemics of our time and calls for a better solution. So we created one. The Averys mobile app complements and extends the functionality of our Aversys web app for our caregivers and technicians. Create, manage and fulfill orders with an easy-to-use native mobile app. Please note that the app aims to support existing members of our network of caregivers and technicians.

The My Averhealth Check In, mobile app Aversys, is available on smartphones, tablets, and iPads. It is available on the Play Store. People in the United States of America who are My Averhealth customers and suppliers can download and install this app from the Play Store on Android or Apple phones with a good internet connection.

My Averhealth Check In launched its mobile app Aversys on June 12, 2019. It is free for all Android or Apple phone users. You can know your health exam status, medical reports, health insurance application status, bill payment status, etc., with this app.

About My Averhealth

My Averhealth launched on January 1, 1995. It specializes in providing substance use monitoring services tailored to the unique needs of forensic programs operating at the holistic intersection of behavioral health and justice. Headquarters are in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Averhealth serves more than 520,000 clients in 30 states. Each element of the Averhealth solution incorporates evidence-based practices, placement programs, and clients for the best possible outcome. Random selection, daily engagement, robust sample collection, and following business day results help clients develop adaptive skills and reject event reuse. Streamline your daily workflow and ultimately enable recovery with Averhealth’s agile, easy-to-navigate automation software and tools.

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Averhealth analyzes more than 1,500 substances in the urine, breath, oral fluids, and hair using laboratory instruments, using scientifically valid methods and meeting Daubert and Frye legal standards and CAP-FDT specifications. All test results are sent to our web application, Aversys, to streamline customer reporting and support day-to-day workloads.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Averhealth’s headquarters located?

Averhealth’s headquarters are at 2916 W Marshall St, Stea, Richmond, Virginia, 23230, USA.

What is Aver Health’s phone number?

Averhealth’s phone number is (866) 680-3106

What are service levels available on My Averhealth?

Averhealth offers various service levels to meet the needs of different types and sizes of programs. Their service levels are volume-based, and our team of Averhealth substance use disorder specialists works with each client to select the appropriate service level that best meets the needs of each program. Our service models aim to best fit our customers’ schedules and costs based on testing volume.

Three types of service levels are available on My Averhealth:

  • Virtual Services Model
  • Template for colocation services
  • standalone service model

I would like to know more about My Averhealth locations. How can I get information about the office location?

Here are the steps below to find the MyAverhealth office location

  • Visit
  • After going to the About section of the website
  • In the About section, click the Locations subsection.
  • After clicking on “Locations,” you will see the United States of America map.
  • Tap the states shown on the map. And you will see the list of My Averhealth locations where its offices situate

Is there a job opening at My Averhealth?

It would be best if you visited the Careers section on the About tab of the My Averhealth website, and you can view a list of job openings by clicking on the available spaces on the My Averhealth Careers page at


MyAverhealth is committed to providing healthcare services to customers who hold a MyAverhealth account. MyAverhealth healthcare services include laboratory testing, medical screening, providing the best inpatient facilities, Mediclaim policy, health claims status, list of network hospitals, etc. Averhealth doesn’t just offer high-quality test results to our courts and social services.

It integrates technology and science to provide today’s brightest and most innovative testing and reporting solution. Averhealth is more than just a drug testing provider. My Averhealth’s goal is to help its clients drive lasting behavior change. Averhealth is an innovator in digitizing the US economy with the launch of its website ( and mobile app called Aversys.

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