Frequently Asked Questions

My Averhealth provides healthcare services to customers with a MyAverhealth account. In addition to lab results, medical exams, and top-tier hospitals, MyAverhealth provides information on Mediclaim policies and status, a list of hospitals in the network, and more. In its role as a healthcare provider, My Averhealth not only provides reliable test results to courts and social services.

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With Aversys, Averhealth’s proprietary web application, clients can improve their results through automated, individualized treatment. Aversys Intelligence can help clients identify their clients’ behavior patterns and act before they relapse. At Averhealth, our mission is to restore lives, unite families, and strengthen communities by developing and providing the most brilliant, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for managing and treating alcohol-related disorders.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Read about My Averhealth’s process on their website (, and then ask about their sign-up process, usernames and passwords, benefits, Aversys mobile app, and how you can contact them. The importance of My Averhealth in the US healthcare sector has been well-recognized by My Averhealth’s customers and healthcare providers. Therefore, we have compiled the list of questions with their answers below:

Do Averhealth tests on weekends?

Yes, Averhealth tests take place on weekends and holidays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

What is the shared location services model on My Averhealth?

Under the colocation service model, Averhealth-trained patient care technicians will be at their existing facilities to provide collection services. If needed, our engineers offer on-site expertise as an extension of your team.

What do I need to register on the My Averhealth website?

A Personal Computer, laptop, smartphone, internet browser, good internet connection in your area, username and password, and personal identification number (PIN) are the tools needed to log in to My Site.

What level of service do I get in My Averhealth?

Averhealth offers various service levels to meet the needs of different types and sizes of programs. Our service models strive to serve best our customers’ schedules and costs based on testing volume.

The service levels included in My Averhealth are:-

  • Virtual Services Model
  • Co-location services template
  • standalone service model